Small problem on "comments"

I would like to report a small problem regarding the “Comments” function.
When I move notes, in which there is a “comment”, the notes move, but the attached “comment” does not move.

Is there any function that can enable moving so that the “comment” stays attached to the note?

Thank you

Make sure you select the the comment as well when moving the notes.

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Thank you

It would be useful to know what a comment is attached to when it is created.
A note? A rhythmic position on a specific staff? Something else?

From the manual, my understanding is that they are attached to rhythmic positions.

Adding comments

You can add comments at any rhythmic position in your project, including adding different comments to multiple staves at the same rhythmic position.

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Well… comments can only be created by first clicking on an item (or items for a range) such as a note or dynamic marking. In that sense they are attached to an item, not a rhythmic position (albeit the item is at a rhythmic position of its own). They can subsequently be moved to any rhythmic position (i.e. along the grid) by dragging them with the mouse or alt-right arrow or alt-left arrow. Moving the comment bubble to a different bar will update the bar number in the right panel comment box.

Using the input caret you can place a comment anywhere within a measure at any rhythmic point. Just invoke note input and without adding notes move the caret to the desired position (choose a note value and press the space bar to advance the caret). Once in position, you can add the comment either by clicking on the comment button from the right toolbar or by pressing alt-c to bring up the
comment box.

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I stand corrected, but only because I was trying to add comments in Engrave mode, which requires an object be selected first. In Write mode, you can place a comment anywhere within a measure at any rhythmic point. (This discovery reconciles my confusion upon reading this in the manual).
It’s interesting that comments can actually be entered while in Engrave mode because it still adheres to Dorico’s rules of not being able to alter the musical content, simply the visual.

I wasn’t correcting you. Sorry if you got that impression.

Not at all :grinning: just acknowledging my mistaken impression that you can’t add comments at rhythmic points (which you can). You just need to be in Write mode for simplicity sake. My post was all about transparency for the masses…