Small problem with Transpose

When using the transpose app I have checked do not use double sharps etc but they still happen. New since D5.

Slice 3.pdf (11.2 KB)

A new bug?

What’s the key signature, and what were the original notes?

It’s atonal, so no key sig. The notes, bottom to top in a chord; l.h. E G Bb r.h. C# F#.

What happens if you try “Never” for “Apply atonal spelling options”…?

Doesn’t look like a minor third down!

You are right - it was a minor 2cd down. Will try your suggestion, thanks

If I remember correctly the atonal spelling rules take precedence over the “Respell to avoid double and triple sharps and flats” option. You can adjust the atonal spelling rules in Note Input Options.

as usual another step is needed

The mind-reading routine has somehow been omitted from the current versions.