Small recording workflow issue

Small recording workflow issue to submit here. I come back to Cubase after 3 years of Pro tools and I am a little lost.

  1. I record voice (audio) and piano (midi).
  2. Often 4 or 5 times the same parts.
  3. But with significant variations in length, tempo, notes, etc.
  4. The first idea is to record in loop, of course, with layers
  5. But sometimes I have to go back to the starting point BEFORE the end of the loop - without stopping recording and stacking layers.

I do not see any function that allows me that.

If I stop the recording and resume the cursor, it goes for the audio voice, but I hear the previous take of the piano at the same time as my Midi Thru. This makes the new take impossible.

A solution ?

I’m developing my question.

  1. No need to record in loop for what I want to do.

  2. The simple act of requesting layers works.

  3. But the problem remains: how not to hear the piano already record on the last layer before and hear only the piano live (thru)?

  4. I tested in Reaper and it works well.

Thank you for helping.

Set MIDI record mode to “New Parts”, I think it’s called…

That’s what I do. It does not remove the monitoring of the last take in layer (in addition to Thru).

In the same place you set to new parts there is another section below that needs to be set to stacked. It’s probably in mixed right now.

I tried everything, according to the same logic. Each option. And we never only hear what we play. Always is audible the last taken from before. Still, the idea is to record several takes, say on the same patterm, to see the best. It’s a monitoring problem. The idea is: in MIDI, can we record in layers by hearing what we play in real time without waiting for the previous takes ?

Yeah I get it

The idea is: in MIDI, can we record in layers by hearing what we play in real time without waiting for the previous takes ?

No, I don’t follow this at all.

In Stacked/Cycle mode the audio will only be what you are playing during the cycle.

Yes, it’s not the audio problem, it’s fine. It’s midi.

I don’t understand what you mean by “play in real time without waiting for the previous takes”.

And when I say Stacked/Cycle, it works for me with MIDI too. If I have it in that mode I only hear what I am playing. Not what got recorded on the last pass.

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding, but would not hitting the monitor button* force the muting of the previous MIDI takes and auditioning of the live MIDI?

(* looks like a little speaker, turns yellow when “on”).

Thank you for your attention. I have the French version of Cubase and there may be different terms in translation.

JMcecil: What you say also works for me if you are recording in a loop. But I have to do it without being in the loop function. Only request the recording “Stacked” with return to the cursor. Record / Stop (return to the cursor) / Record. If I do it without a loop, the audio is stacked in layer, the midi too, but we hear the last take midi (besides hearing what we play).

The loop would work if we could go back to the beginning of the loop without waiting for the automatic end. I would put a very long loop and come back when I want. But this function does not exist.

Alexis: What you describe would be too much manipulation during the recording of the music. It should be automatic. But I did not find the way to automatically solo the layer that records. It works for tracks, not for layers.

I may not be understanding well, apologies.

Perhaps this will work:

  1. Have your midi set up to record, but have that MIDI track’s outpt assigned to “none”, so you don’t hear it.

  2. Route the audio from your keyboard to an audio track, in turn routed to your stereo out so you can hear it. Turn the yellow monitor button (I described above in an earlier post) on. So now every note you play on the piano you will hear live.

No, he finally provided the information we needed. Once you stop cycle mode, a MIDI track will play all events during playback and record. So, he is correct. You would need to mute the offending part(s).

Yes, but you won’t hear it if its output is set to “none” …

I might be missing something, it seems to me like he could record as many cycles of MIDI as he wanted (to a MIDI track with no assigned output), and as long as he also routes audio from his MIDI-generating instrument (e.g., piano) to a monitor-enabled audio track … he’ll only hear the latest “live” piano.

No muting required?

I thought he wanted thru active? If thru isn’t necessary, then it will work.

jmcecil is right on the MIDI side, but the idea of Alexis is interesting, I think, and I’m going to try tomorrow. It’s a way to get around the MIDI constraint.

I also found a longer way, a bit like Alexis at first. I stop the recording, I return to the cursor (automatically), I manually down a layout. I found the shortcut to place a solo layout, which follows the chosen track. I am looking for macros programming. Maybe with Eucon (I have the MC transport).

Thank you.