Small Request: Sorting Playing Techniques In Mutual Exclusion Groups

Hopefully this is an easy request.

When setting up Mutual Exclusion Groups for Expression Maps the list of Playing Techniques in the Expression Group sorts differently from the list in the map. The map looks like it sorts alphabetically. The group sorts differently, I’m not sure how.

Keeping them sorted the same would make it much easier to keep track of which Playing Techniques from the map you have included in the group.

In my case I map custom Playing Techniques that direct playback to appropriate VST patches in VE Pro. This requires an Exclusion Group that includes every technique in the map, which can be quite lengthy. For strings I need to identify if I have missed adding a technique to a list of more than 20.

Thanks for your consideration.

They’re already sorted alphabetically by name; if that’s not the case in Dorico 3.0.10 then it certainly will become the case in the next update.

Hmm… You are right now that I look at it again. It appears to be the mapped expression list that is not sorting alphabetically correctly. In any case, they are not sorting the same, as this screen shot shows. Check out my custom Playing Techniques 1 Fortepiano and 1 Sforzato for example.