Small request/suggestion

Perhaps I am missing something, but it would be nice if when choosing the Choir (reduction) that it assumed there would be two voices per stave. It’s not a problem to add another voice, obviously, but the assumption ought to be two voices, one up-stem, one down-stem. Nice if it came pre-loaded, so to speak.

Again, maybe I am missing something obvious (?)

As you say, it is not a problem to add another voice.

…and it presumes that choral voices wouldn’t share stems, which indeed they often do in modern convention.

AFAIK Dorico removes all unused voices when a project is closed, so even if two voices were created with a new project they might have disappeared by the time you wanted to use them.

If two voices were created, you would have to take some action to select which one to work on, which would be as much work as creating the second voice (i.e. one key press).

Well, I can always set up a choral score, save it, and re-use it. Keeping the first bar and its voices, then changing everything else. I was just curious why a template that implies two voices per stave - which is normative - wouldn’t have that set up. I realize that not every choral reduction works this way, but I think exceptions are a small minority of this setup.

Not a complaint, just a suggestion; and an implied question that I had inadvertently overlooked something. Thanks for the input!