Small rhytm notation

Thats sound great and easy, thanks so much!
Thats is the best forum i have.
Very pro and great people!

I have 2 problems,
1-After I write 2 Voices its so hard to select each voices separates, I couldn’t do this with filters, and selecting manually docent appear the same parameters you show me Slash pos,Smal Slassh, I tried that in Write mode and in grave mode

I guess it depends on the application. In the case of the example I posted above, the score is the part, so it worked perfectly and was very easy.

Cues and 2nd voices interact with the main line always. In your case I would do some manual adjustments. I don’t know other way but manually adjust beams and voice column index, rests positions, etc.
Set all changes “globally” in order to keep them consistent between parts and score. (In my example they are set “locally”).

Slash Voices

You’ve said. It depends. But the idea is to find an all-purpose-solution. With a text font you cannot change noteheads and you have to be careful with other text boxes.

Actually this problem with interactive voices would be a good thing to improve