Small rhytm notation

Someone can help me?How can I write Small rhythmic notation above the staff?

Hi, are you talking about slash rhythmic chords?

No exactly
Rhytm notations in another size thennthe main voice, to add an special rhytm frase above, but in smal size

Try this:

In another voice, add some notes with the rhythms you want for the small notation, all on the same line or space.

Select the notes you have just entered - Filter is probably the easiest way.

Open up Properties and scale them to Cue size (or whatever you want).

Use Alt-up arrow to move them all to the distance you want them to
appear above the staff. Press “F” to flip their stems if necessary.

De-select any rests but leave the other small notes selected.

Go into Engrave mode. In Properties, click on Hide ledger lines.

Select any rests in the small notation and use Rest pos. to position the rests so that they are on the same level as the notes.

If an up-stem on a normal note gets too close to one of the small notes, you will need to change its Voice column index in Properties (while in Engrave mode), to align them.

If the rhythm you want to show small already exists (i.e. because another instrument is playing it), you can show it as a rhythmic cue, which remains linked to the source (so if you change the rhythm for the instrument playing it, the small cue notes on other staves update to match).

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Ohhh Steven, that’s great, that’s can be great, I am really having difficult to select only the new voice (Voice 2) I am trying Filter buts docent have filter to voices, only for the entry notation.
Do you now how to filter specific voices?
Buts was great and help to me

Hi Lillie,thanks so much, yes I have that in another staves’ tried to set Rhythm cues but like I have another instrument going I couldn’t insert to merge the both infos.
I think that can be the best way rhythm cues

If you mean you already have a cue in those bars, try inputting the second cue elsewhere (ie in other bars) and then move the 2nd cue rhythmically back so they can overlap.

I dint know what I am doing wrong, but I select the bars and try to set a cue on my Lead part and don open cue ,either the option to select drum part

You can also do this with the Metrico font via shift x text.

Hi Romanos, but how?

Shift+X text.

add free-floating text, change the font to metrico, and then type in the rhythm you desire:
metrico demo

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Ohhh, but metric font its not in my list
I will try
Thanks so much, I am crazy because I am spending a lot time in a simple thing.
Thanks for more one option!

If this is a drum kit, you need to enter the name of the instrument within the kit who’s playing those notes. Probably the crash cymbal?

If you’ve started entering a valid instrument name, the cues popover will show a menu of available matching instruments. “Valid name” here depends on what those instruments are called in your project.

(Ha, to quote myself from that page – )

You cannot use entire percussion kits in cues, you must select an individual instrument from the kit.

Great I got “In parts” but when I separate the rhythm line (ex bar 42) only that’s notes saying in a bad format.The beams became larger only in two bars.
Can be a good ideia Dorico do an easy way to get this, :sweat_smile:

Thats its very complicated, the cue only show to me in Galera view, when I turn Page view that’s disappear, and trying to print but the Rhythm cues disappear to
I am become crazy trying that in hours.
:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

You can hide/show cues in each layout, because often you don’t need to show them in a score but you do need them in a part. Are they shown in the layout you’re viewing?

Cues are shown in galley view even if they’re hidden in the layout, as often galley view is where you do input-work whereas page view is more for layout-work.

Not a good a idea. The bar width can change a lot from score to part.

You may use just a rhythm slashes voice and set its position and aspect on engrade mode easily:

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-13 a las 12.21.04

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