Small signal leaking out of Delay-effect

Hello. Does anyone know why there is a small signal leaking out of my inserted Delay-effect, on my FX-channel - when there’s no audio playing?


Note: The FX-channel isn’t routed to any output-channels, and it’s not being fed audio from any other channels. So the FX-channel “should” be completely silent and have no signal at all. That’s why it’s weird for the Delay-effect to be leaking a signal…

Of course, I can get rid of the leaking signal by simply lowering the Output-volume on the Delay-effect, but then I won’t get enough effect out of the Delay… So how do I keep the current Output-volume on the Delay-effect, while at the same time avoid the leaking signal?


Switch „analog“ to „off“!?

Thanks dude, that worked!

But why does the “Analog-option” cause signal-leakage? I originally thought about switching the “Analog” off, but I didn’t try it because I didn’t think it would have any impact on the leaking signal…

Probably analoge noise emulation…? Ask waves or check manual…

Yeah, I thought so too… Yeah, guess I should ask them directly. But thanks for the help!

Yep…Waves analogue switch is just noise. No signal being leaked.