Small slash not working on a minim with slash

Hi, regardless of the option I choose, there is no difference in the size of this note…why?


I wonder if, because of its shape, Dorico does not strictly define it as a slash and one must handle the size of that notehead separately.

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Did you check the size in the small slash notehead set? Is it different than in the normal notehead Set?

When you activate the Small slash property for a slash region, what you’re actually doing is telling Dorico you want it to use the Small Slash Noteheads notehead set, which you can examine in Library > Notehead Sets. If you want to, you can duplicate the diamond noteheads and create smaller versions, then assign them to that notehead set.

Be careful that you don’t directly edit the diamond noteheads that are shown in that notehead set. Dorico shares individual notehead types between sets of noteheads by default, and if you edit them directly, you’ll also affect the other notehead sets in which they appear.

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