Small soloist staff on the top of piano staff in piano parts

Hi, I used Finale all my life but recently I decided to move to dorico.
I’m working in an arrangement for piano and flute, and when I tryied to print the first versions, and tryied to create the piano part, I couldn’t find the way to put a small flute score on the top of the piano staffs (as you normally found on piano part)
I’d tried to search a video to help me solving this but I haven’t found one.

Welcome to the forum, Roberto. To include the flute part in the piano layout, follow these steps:

  1. In Setup mode, select the Piano layout on the right-hand side in the Layouts panel so it’s lit up in bright blue.
  2. In the Players panel on the left-hand side, activate the checkbox belonging to the Flute player, which will add the flute to the piano layout.
  3. Now go to Write mode, and make sure you are viewing the piano+flute layout by choosing it from the layout selector in the middl of the toolbar at the top of the window.
  4. Select any note on the flute staff, then right-click and choose Edit > Staff SIze > 60% or 75%, or whatever size you actually want the flute’s staff to be relative to the piano staff.

That should do it! Please let me know if you need any further help.

Thanks a lot, it worked perfectly.

For my taste, Dorico is not consistent here. It would be more natural in Dorico, if one could choose the size for a whole system for the whole piece in Setup mode or the Layout options and only has to use the described way for changes inside the project or flow. Probably there are some boring technical reasons, why it is handled this way … :slight_smile:

Staff size of individual instruments is Flow Specific as well as Layout Specific. That’s presumably why it has to work the way it does: Layout Options is only layout-specific, and Setup mode is instrument-specific.