Small suggestion regarding the "Save new version" feature

I love my “Save new version” key command, and I use it every day. I would love it even more if there was an option to have it automatically remove the previous version from the “Open Recent” list.

It tends to get cluttered with files that are basically just backups – ideally never intended to be opened again. :slight_smile:

One can remove these extra recent file listings (although not automatically) if one changes from the list view to the grid view. There is a three-dot menu () that has a removal option.

(Of course, you may already know this.)

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Thanks. Yes, I’m requesting some sort of automatic removal. :slight_smile:

For contrast — I never save a new version in the same folder, because I know Dorico makes a backup every time I save anyway. It keeps the latest 10 or however many you set, but all the older ones are in the trash and can still be retrieved. When I want to preserve how a score was saved yesterday or whenever, all the backups have a date stamp in the filename. I just move one of those files to a folder of saved backups.

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I see. My personal preference is a folder of numbered versions, as it is simultaneously an active project and a working backup system. When I’m done with it, I can just leave it alone and it is already a cloud-synced historical record of the process. No janitorial work, no conscious desicions (regarding what’s worth preserving) needed.

I’m pretty sure they have something even better than this in mind. Sibelius users know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:
Saving as new versions and being able to compare differences among them, notes, position, and whatever (has some similarity to Library Manager).