Small suggestion - zero percentage default on smoothing for spectrum editing

I don’t use spectrum editing often, but today I’m using it (and it’s saving this track! Awesomeness)… Anyway, when I first started, I noticed I wasn’t getting the results I wanted… I had to screw around with everything for quite a while, and finally discovered that smoothing is set to defaults at 100% on both time and frequencies… With smoothing at 100%, short edits have almost zero effect… nothing happens, and it’s very confusing for someone not intimately familiar with the specrum editor. Once I changed smoothing, everything works as expected.

Just a suggestion, but I believe smoothing should default to zero percent… so spectrum editing has full effect, and then if someone wants to add smoothing, they can… and they can adjust it to taste…

Anyway, like I said above, spectrum editing is saving this track today! So cool! :slight_smile: Thanks PG!


finally discovered that smoothing is set to defaults at 100%

On a fresh WaveLab installation, this is 10%. Maybe you changed it by mistake in the past?

I don’t believe I’ve ever changed it, but it was definitely at 100%. I didn’t even know what smoothing was until I started trying to fix the problem of editing having little to no effect. I guess it’s possible I changed it at some point in the past by accident, but somehow I don’t think so.