Small Workflow/UI suggestion (PLAY mode)

One thing that I wonder could perhaps be streamlined a bit in Play mode is accessing the instrument & midi port or channel information for an individual player.

Currently I go into Play mode, then I click on the drop-down arrow for a player. Assuming there’s no additional instrument(s) attached to that player, It then displays essentially the same information (instrument name) again, and so I need to click the next arrow to get to the information I actually need to work with.

Now I realise it’s set up this way because of the philosophy of thinking of players instead of instruments and the possibility of having multiple instruments to each player, but I would wager that on balance more players are set up with single instruments than with multiple instruments attached, which meansthat the majority of the time when setting up or changing the settings on a number of instruments, there’s several more clicks involved than feels necessary.

It would be good if there was some way to with one click or at least one double click get to all the channel/port information (perhaps with players with multiple instrument, open all of its channel info). For example, just as a thought, what if instead of single clicking on the dropdown arrow and then again on the next one, I could double-click on the player name itself and it all immediately opened all the instrument info for that player?

It’s just a tiny thing I’ve noticed is slowing me down slightly each time I have to work with it.

I agree that there is room for greater streamlining in this area and you can expect us to make some changes in future versions.

great! thanks for the response.