Smaller defaultNotehead ?

I’m not sure about this but

  1. write some quarter notes
  2. Select every other
    3.“change” to Default Noteheads

They look a smaller, just a little bit smaller.
default notehead.png
My Default Notehead set is not changed.
Skärmavbild 2020-10-02 kl. 15.08.46.png
All best/Henrik

Indeed. By default Dorico actually uses the Larger Noteheads, not the Default noteheads.
You can change this setting, if you wish, from the top option at Engraving Options > Notes > Noteheads.

I think the point is that if you have the default set to Large Notehead in Engraving Options,
then selecting a Notehead and change it To Default Notehead ought to use the Large Notehead, No?


Changing Engraving Options to use Large Notehead set, or NoteNames, or Coloured Notes, and then setting that as your default means “My default is to use a different notehead set from the Default Notehead set”.

The Default Notehead set could be called “Ordinary”, “Usual”, “Standard”, or something else, if that helps.

Changing the contents of the Notehead sets just because you’ve changed which one you’re using as your default might actually be more confusing.

The “Reset to Default Notehead” menu item towards the bottom of the Edit/Contextual Notehead menu resets selected noteheads to whatever is defined as the default notehead in Engraving Options.

The “Default Noteheads” menu item explicitly sets the selected noteheads to use the “Default Notehead Set”, which may or may not be defined as the default notehead set in Engraving Options (and as per factory defaults, it’s not).

Ok, Reset to Default Notehead it is.