Smart Bypass for Montage Clip FX?

How is everyone doing RMS level compensated A/B comparisons of their audio in a montage clip? Same concept as Smart Bypass in the Master Section, but for the Clip FX section? Anyone using Melda MComparison for this?

Would be a great native feature addition for people like me that NEVER use the main master section where the Smart Bypass is.

A way to compare the source audio clip with the sound after all the plugins in the clip/track/montage slots with level matching.

Yes, would love this. I had a simple plugin made to assist with this inc level matching. Still not ideal but better/faster than the alternative.

I have been meaning to work this plugin into my workflow when working entirely “in the box” in WaveLab without any analog gear but keep forgetting.

It seems to have the right idea:

Using Plugin Alliance ADPTR MetricAB for level compensated A/B compa. Not only you can load the original mix and match volume but also load other refs for comparison. I really like that you can use the filters section to A/B compare just sub, low, lowmid, himid, hi between the songs. I have presets with refs from different genres. So I load the preset with the refs from any particular genre, load the original master and start comparing. Easy.

But does MetricAB auto-sync the original mix and your processed version? That’s the best way to compare.

I have something rigged up in my REAPER analog play/capture sessions to do this but in WaveLab, it seems like the Perception plugin is the best option. Smart Bypass is kinda cool but from what I can tell, it doesn’t work with clip/track/motnage plugins, just the master section.

The one I had made works with clip effects in Wavelab but does not auto-sync. In other uses, e.g. using different ref tracks I did not find this to be a critical factor. It has the option for a free playhead position, this we do find useful. Let me know if you want me to send you a copy to see if it works for you. It gets a lot of use here both in mixing and mastering.

Seems awfully expensive for what it does…