Smart guitar chord diagrams--voicings selected by melody note?

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Any guitarists out there could help with this? I wanna make my chord diagrams more useful. I’m wanting the guitarist to play voicings that have the melody as the highest note (if possible). And I’m hoping Dorico can support this pursuit.

Dorico doesn’t have a feature to automatically choose voicings with a specific note at the top.

If what you are starting with is a melody and a sequence of chord symbols you could perhaps try using the Generate Notes from Chord Symbols feature for the guitar, using the melody to provide a “hint” to the top note of the chord voicing. This may or may not work well depending on whether the existing melody is mostly composed of chord tones.


For some reason, when I tried this to see if I could help the OP, the chord realization utility did not keep the melody on top. I tried several different variants of the setting to be sure.

Ya I haven’t been able to get this to work.
Sure would be nice if it could, though.

If you can give me a short snippet of the material you’re working with then I can have a look at why it might not be working. (This isn’t really the main use case for Generate Notes from Chord Symbols but I’d be interested to see whether it could be made to work.)