Smart MIDI Import documentation?

Where do I find the documentation for Smart MIDI import? Under File import and export I do not find any documentation for MIDI import at all…

Please see pages 15 to 23 of the Dorico 4 Version History PDF, where it is explained in great detail.

Yes I’m afraid the changes to MIDI import haven’t yet been documented, alongside Play mode, the Key editor, the Mixer, and a number of other things. Daniel’s brilliant Version History will be your friend!

Thanks for the info.

What I was really most curious about is the identification of articulations / playing techniques. I see in both the video and the version history that these can be identified if you have different tracks for different techniques, but I can not see that there is support if you only have one track per instrument/ player. For example if you use expression maps in Cubase or Nuendo.

In Cubase/ Nuendo you can export the midi files with expression map changes as text events and Dorico could identify these as well as track names. But since I do not see anything about this, I guess it is not implemented i Dorico yet?

At the moment there’s no way for Dorico to find out any of this information because it is not exported via MIDI, at least not in a form that allows Dorico to understand it. We would definitely like to be able to map between Cubase’s expression maps and Dorico’s when sending data back and forth between the two programs, but that will require something more detailed than MIDI to acheive.