Smart quotes in text frames?

Dorico seems to implement smart quotes when typing lyrics, but not in text frames. Is this a deliberate distinction, or an oversight? Personally, I’d like the option to enable smart quotes there as well.

It works for me. What OS are you using? Have you tried using a different font, to see if it’s an issue with the font itself?

For text that is produced by way of tokens, Dorico will smarten the quotes for you, but for text that you type into frames directly, you have to handle the smartening of the quotes for yourself.

Happens with Times New Roman, so definitely not the font. This is Windows 10 and Dorico 2.2.

Easy repro: Create a new project, add a random player, go to engrave mode, go into frames mode, drag a new text frame, enter text. Smart quotes definitely don’t work.

Your post presumably overlapped with mine: text that is produced by way of a token will have smartened quotes, but text you type directly into a frame will not.

On Windows, use ALT-0147 and ALT-0148.

Daniel, would there be a possibility of adding smart quote functionality to all text frames in the future?

Nothing’s impossible, given sufficient priority, time, and effort.

Thanks, Daniel. Yes, our replies did cross!