Smart tool feature?

Should a Smart Tool be implemented?

  • Yes.
  • No.

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I’d love nothing more than to have a smart tool a la Pro Tools and/or Sonar. How about you?

Would make audio editing and MIDI sequencing even quicker.

Yup, Reaper nails this as well. No need to have different tools for draw/erase/move/select, it’s all doable based on context and location of the mouse! I think Reaper particularly nails this when it comes to drawing notes, where you just drag a note onto the editor, and if you drag it up/down it’ll move until you hit the note you want. Eliminates having to verify if you’re placing the right note before clicking, you just drag it immediately to where you want by ear.

I’m unfamiliar with the REAPER smart tool. But even other DAWs that don’t specifically have a “smart tool” per se, like Live, where clicking on the clip header and the waveform does different things. I’d love to see something like that in Cubase.

oh good grief yes…! Please take a moment anyone, to view how Sonar and PTools do this - its a super fast and elegant workflow.

Though, don’t want to lose the ‘Pop-Up Toolbox’ on right click either please (full context menu with modifier). :wink:


Exactly ^. Perhaps even have the smart tool as part of that pop-up toolbox right-click. I think Sonar does something similar, if I’m not mistaken.

+++++ !!!


+1… as long as one could choose a specific tool as well, not be forced to use the smart tool.

+1 Yes!

Doesn’t really bother me - I’ve been selecting tools via keyboard shortcut for so long it’s second nature. And I like the way the pointer does different things according to position (drag, move, fades, clip volume). I wouldn’t want to lose that. But if that were unaffected I get why people like PT style smart tools and would happily see it implemented PT style as an option

Sonar’s “smart tool” is one of the reasons I now use Cubase. It ISN’T smart in many situations. Please make any such thing User Configurable. In midi work, as implemented in Sonar, the smart tool cause slower editing.

PT and Logic’s smart tools speed up the workflow immensely.

Yes. Click once add note Click again delete note, side of note= length, something like that = gold

also hold alt changes to arrow key something along those lines…

I agree also that the smart tool should be separate not in place of the existing set up to protect current workflow for people who like it the way it is…


+1 to a ‘Smart’ tool…


This is important - I’d hate to lose my right-click Toolbox pop-up.



A smart tool is an additional option, this will be a blessing for many users, especially migrators and newcomers.

Please … switching tools is a time suck!

For heaven sakes Wavelab does it great … well, for the cursor at least