Smart tool

Still no smart tool, still have to right click make selection cut selection adjust change clip gain then glue or crossfade clip, gets very tiresome made a macro but it sad state for such an easy fix :frowning:
Halftime playback with automation, and adding markers with it stopping playback, please.

+1 for the Smart Tool. It also needs to function on the automation lanes.

+1 Smart Tool


Do yo guys think that a fusion between static clip gain and enveloppe could be satisfying there?
It has always been a pain to switch between the two…







Let’s not suggest a smart tool to fix a in my view slightly of the beaten track workflow.
Why on earth would you keep glueing parts together after separating them?

I have nothing against a smart tool per se.

Could we then turn this into a creative idea wall as in what do we all want it to accomplish?

My guess is that with the multitude of workflows and the many options in Nuendo may be hard to get to a conclusion about what is needed.

My list:
Range select
Clip gain control (clip gain as such needs an update to)

I see no need for anything else but I am sure that some think very different.
How many switches are to many?

To be honest I never liked the PT smart tool, and I’m faster switching tools in Nuendo than I was as a ten year user of PT.

Two suggestions

1: have zones in the events themselves ( upper, lower, corners, mid points etc) that can be assigned to tool switches. Wavellab does this ( or used to … Haven’t used it for years ) quite successfully.

2: even with no smart tool and relying on keyboard key switches how about a momentary tool switch? So for instance if I’m using the selctor tool I push and hold down the 3 key, the split tool appears, i split an event, then release the 3 key and the select tool returns.

This saves a key press … It doesnt sound like much but in another app that does this i’ve found workflow is much more fluid. Significantly so…

  1. We already have that since a long time.
    To change an when using the selector tool you press alt.

+1 on smart tool

The only useful function of Smart tool I find in Pro Tools is switching from Grabber to Range tool.
+1 for such Smart tool, but everything else Pro Tools does with smart tool can be done in Nuendo with select tool.

What I’d like to have is more Actions in editing Tool Modifiers section in Preferences.
Currently Steinberg provides only 6 or 7 actions for Select tool, and I find two really useful: Alt for Split Event and Alt Shift for Slip Event.
Simple, just give us more tool switching actions. Or let us choose them from a pool of actions.

+1 for momentary tool switch. Video editing programs have it. Very fast and useful.

But we already have momentary tool switch in Nuendo.
In automation window we can switch from Select tool to Pencil tool momentarily with Alt modifier.
And select tool works as range tool without switching.
Plus we can manipulate automation data range with compress etc. without ever needing to switch tools.

+1, Please.


Sounds like this exists in Cubase but not Nuendo?

In my opinion, it “kind of exists” in Cubase 10.5. However, a smart tool like, for example, in Cakewalk by Bandlab (previously known as Sonar Platinum), would be much better.

More details can be found here :

Anyway, something is better than nothing and I am waiting for the next Nuendo update.