Smooth Automation curve

Please make a couple smooth automation curves in built in cubase in next release. for example;

  • parabola
  • straight line
  • sine/square waves

FL Studio has this (this is the only thing I miss about fl studio) and I find it makes workflow much quicker as you are just dealing with the endpoints (or critical points). in the middle it has a tension point which you can pull up and down adjusting the curve accordingly.



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The line draw tool already does this. If you take, for example, the Sine shape, place it so there is only one or two shapes, then hold the shift key and drag the shape out you can extend the line shape over any number of bars in a part. It was a feature of Cubase I only recently learned. This works for all line styles as far as I know. I find it a very useful method for drawing out Controller shapes such as Modulation sweeps and Main Volume or Velocity fades.

That’s true, but I’m prtty sure we mean that we want tension handles like in other DAWs, where curves can be adjusted at any time.

Exactly right! As another poster pointed out, this has been a top request since as long as I’ve been coming to the forum.

By the way, we need this for MIDI CC data as well as automation data.

As long as midi cc also can be drawn by hand, important for some expressions. It’s actually kinda annoying when you can’t draw properly, like in FL.


Yup, I’ve wanted this for like at least 3-4 versions… every time they release a new version, they always let me down. It is definitely something that FL Studio has over Cubase… That’s not good because Cubase is “supposed” to be a higher grade software… it’s more expensive. We shouldn’t be paying more money for something that lacks features you can find in a cheaper software.

Something being more expensive doesn’t mean it’s “higher grade”.
Something being more expensive means it’s more expensive.

++1 for MIDI CC automation. I’m sick of all those fiddly points.

Each point is an event, maybe good to understand MIDI first? And as pointed out the draw tool does ALL of this, including dragging the upper and lower “intensy”

Hi Raphie,

Thank you for the lesson on what MIDI is. As a professional composer and Cubase user since pre-VST days (in fact I used steinberg sequencer software as a kid in the '80s), I of course have no idea how MIDI works or that you can draw in points with the draw tool or drag collections of points to adjust intensity. It is only what I do for a living. :unamused:

My concern is that this is a terrible implementation of MIDI CC automation for any reasonable kind of control over how VSTi’s respond to modulation. Just because MIDI works a certain way does not mean automation of MIDI tracks has to slavishly follow its limitations - you could extend that argument to another mildly condescending comment suggesting I open a text editor and adjust the CC levels entering each value and point on a timecode with a number pad. A decent functional way of adding curves between spline points in a CC editor could allow a user who needs this functionality (said fine but quick control over VSTi modulation and expression) a better and more intuitive workflow - the software could still easily interpret the position of these curves in a manner quantized to the nearest CC value (as this is the kind of thing software is great at doing), and offer smooth transitions from previous splines (which is impossible currently without frustrating editing by hand). That the current (extremely limited) functionality is not a problem for you does not mean it isn’t for other people. For anyone who needs any serious control, the Cubase MIDI modulation editors are clumsy and awkward and should be fired into the sun.

I don’t completely agree with that. For something like breath control or detailed movement that has no obvious curvature to it, it’s a pain to have to be limited to points with curves between them. At least, I personally didn’t enjoy that kind of midi cc editing in FL Studio and prefer to draw things in. (wacom tablet user)

Jezburns, we get a lot of newbie posters here, and they are welcomed, we also are fortunate to have have experienced engineers, like Raphie, who post here. With only 12 posts and no signature information in your profile, no one knows anything about you. Often, someone – with years of experience or not – just needs a bit of advice or a suggestion and that’s exactly what these forums are useful for.

To the OP: I’d welcome a few good line styles, but I don’t feel anything is lacking in how Cubase’s automation works. I mostly automate by controller and not so much by hand. Sometimes adjusting a point or two is a bit tedious. I find it very easy to adjust ranges of controllers in cubase.