Smooth Portamento?

Hi there - I have figured out how to create a gliss, and then re-label it a Portamento, but its still a chromatic step performance - how to I make it smooth?



Portamento (chromatic gliss) is not yet supported in Dorico.
If your sound set has a way to do it, you might (through some complicated maneuvering with expressions maps) be able to coax something out.

actual portamento (such as a string portamento) is supported in Dorico if your library has an articulation for it – most half-decent ones do – you just need to make sure it’s in the Expression Map and then you would normally hide this entry in the score and use the port. symbol but you must disable the playback of Dorico’s portamento, otherwise it will simply do the chromatic steps you’ve experienced.

Stepless glissando, which is less commonly supported by libraries is, as Derek says, not yet available in Dorico but may not be too far away as the team are looking into ways to implement this much requested feature.

I’m using BBC symphony orchestra pro, which has portamento, but it’s not in the expression map - so I’ll read up on adding it next. But what about disabling it in Dorico, how do I do that?


the BBC SO doesn’t need an entry in the Expression Map as portamento is automatically invoked when the note velocity is under 20, so you should set that in the Key Editor. Then select the Properties for the gliss/port line and disable playback as in the screenshot below.

This still works for me, and worked for several people when I posted it about two years ago.

Even if it doesn’t work for you, it might be a good starting point.

as the OP has said he’s using the BBC SO, there’s no need for this sort of workaround, though it’s certainly better than nothing in cases when no samples are available. Or in the unfortunate case with NotePerformer NPPE which does not currently support portamento, even when the samples are available. In one project, I did resort to using pitchbend (though to be honest, my final audio version was done in Sibelius which does support glissandi).