Smooth Remove settings in autosplit feature request

At the moment we are editing a huge amount of dialogue files according to timestamps in a spreadsheet.

The requirement for us is to remove certain sentences from the audio file.

We are given direction from the spreadsheet.

For example, remove the sentence from 0 h 15 mn 10 s 000 ms to 0 h 15 mn 20 s 000 ms

What we are doing at the moment is, creating a marker region for each section that is to be removed

Once all the regions are selected, it would be great to have an easy instruction to wavlab to remove what is inbeteen each section in the Smooth Remove manner.

What we are currently doing is, once all the regions are in place, we then reverse the markers via the marker window, then use autosplit clips to montage and apply the fade option, then render the file from the montage to create a file without the regions, but we are still getting clicks and there’s no setting in autosplit to define fade parameters

Really what Im asking is, It would be great (and a massive time saver) that after creating all the regions, to be able to tell wavelab to remove whats in between all regions (delete and close up the region via smooth remove) in 1 go.

if the above isn’t possible then in auto split, when selecting create audio montage / create fade in / out / we could have a smooth remove selection / or be able to define the type of fade paramenters from the autosplit dialog box.

Are you speaking about the “Smooth Delete” function found in the Edit Ribbon of the audio file editor?

yes sorry, used to calling it smooth remove lol

If I understand you correctly, you can achieve what you like while only using the montage:

  • Create a montage with your file.
  • Create pairs of markers wherever you like
  • Have “Ripple Track” Active
  • Now, starting from the last region and progressing till the start, delete each region between the markers.
    This create a crossfade each time.
  • Then render to a new file

I don’t this will help. The objective to to remove all regions in 1 command. Becuase theres like 200 / 300 regions need removed per file. So doing them 1 by 1 is not whats needed.

Im doing this sucessfully with autosplit regions to montage. But on autosplit the crossfade is not smooth delete, nor does it give me the option to change the crossfade parameters when selecting autosplit to montage. I only get a checkbox to create fades.

It would be very handy if

  1. Wavelab had a feature to delete everything in between selected regions in 1 command
  2. Further crossfade parameters where the autosplit to montage box, not just the checkbox cross fade.

But how do you specify these hundreds of regions? I mean, if you enter them “by hand”, the method I have described represents a small additional work, in comparison.

Heres the process
1.We are given a spreadsheet of areas to be deleted from the audio file.
2. We add region markers for each area to be deleted. (We cant remove 1 by 1 as we need to reference the timecode in the spreadsheet)
The audio file then looks like this:

as you can imagine, doing these by hand is no small work

so what we do from here is reverse the markers by using the marker convert.

first change the < end marker to a generic marker
then convert the > start marker to an end marker <
then convert the generic marker to a start marker >

then add a start marker to the start of the file
also add an end marker to the end of the file

The above process sets up to use autosplit to montage by markers, this removes all those regions at once.

This is far faster than doing it by hand. Be nice to cut all of these steps out and ask wavelab to select all these areas in between the regions and remove than all at once, than having to do the above. Wavelab seems to be able to do all sorts of tricks so hopefully not a big ask for this?

Thanks, I understand better. I can’t promise for the function you ask, but I note it because it’s interesting.
But concerning the “montage way”, what could be interesting for you, would be to have the generated clips overlaps a bit (to make a xfade). Isn’t it?

BTW, what is your audio domain for this project?

Thank you either a function requested above, or even in the autosplit section where the checkbox for Create Fade In/Out - if we can get better fade parameters for this checkbox (so we could set up smooth delete type settings)

Mainly dialog production such as audiobooks and interviews, smooth delete works so well for manipluating peoples dialogue in a seamless manner, it makes dialog edits flawless and its fast.