Smooth Transition Between Violin Notes (Portamento/Slide)

Is there a way to add a smooth transition (slide), not by step, between two notes on a violin in Dorico often heard in jazz, blues and country playing?

I understand this to be portamento although I realise this can be interpreted differently. However, I have tried adding both the portamento and glissando markings in Dorico’s panel but I can only get a by-step transition and not the wanted smooth (slide) effect.


At the moment Dorico doesn’t play back glissando or portamento using continuous pitch bend. There is limited support for continuous pitch bend changes for guitar bends, so you could perhaps try joining your notes with a guitar bend (though off the top of my head I’m not sure whether or not the playback of those is limited specifically to guitar instruments).

Thanks Daniel.

I’ll give the guitar bend a go and if this doesn’t work at least I can add the necessary CC in my DAW.