SMuFL/Bravura - glyph chart map

I was curious to know if there is somwhere a chart with all smufl characters for bravura to be printed. Not something like, but only with the graphic output as when using a font editor or windows character map.
The reason of the question is that often in contemporary music it’s often necessary to abuse a symbol which already exists somewhere, and it’s easier to search for those symbols graphically instead of semantically.

I use to have an overview, as opening it in fontforge isn’t that clear to read. But the result isn’t directly printable.


If you use Windows, the included Character Map will show Bravura symbols, although some may appear small in the map.

Both character map and fontforge are too small or cut out to read. Also, they need to be done in the computer - that’s why I was looking for a fast way of creating a printable chart from a font.

You can print out the font from FontLab, if you have that application?

thanks, I’ll check it

To “close” the thread, someone suggested , which is quite helpful specially when dealing with music symbols.

Marge Simpson “Mmmmm” noise to that website’s ‘wacky’ design.

There are any number of font glyph viewer applications for Mac and Windows.

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