SMuFL codes inaccurate

Hello forum,

I am trying to paste some noteheads and other symbols into a text editor. Bravura is the selected font in the text editor and I am using this map as a reference…

At the beginning of the map the codes work fine, eg U+E040 into Bravura in the text editor gives me a start repeat which is correct. As I go on down through the symbols they start to get wildly off. For example U+E0D6 (supposed to be square notehead) gives me a double semibreve with dashed line U+E0F3. I tried counting the offset but it keeps changing as I go down.

I took the possibly hasty step of resetting all my fonts, (in FontBook on Mac OS 10.14.3) and then started by reinstalling Bravura from GitHub. The same problem persists however. I understand it could be a problem with my fonts or my set up but I am wondering is there something I am missing?


That’s an old version of the Smufl standard. The current version is at

Oh I see… Well that’s what I get for working too late! HA.

Thanks Kim!