Snap a chord while keeping their relative intervals

Let’s say I play a chord (C, E, G) with one hand on my piano. The notes doesn’t strike at the exact same time. Sometimes I want to exaggerate this too, like making a slow strum on a guitar. But let’s say I want to quantize this chord. I want to keep the intervals between C, E and G. Therefor, what I want is a way to select these three notes and quantize them together. This would mean that the chord would be centered, while maintaining their intervals.

Hard to understand? Think about that slow strum on a guitar. I want to center that strum so that it’s quantized - centering the entire strum. I’m recording a lot of piano and I play well, but I still need to go through the recorded MIDI stuff to make these kind of adjustments. That’s why it would be great if I just could select the entire chord and center it to the closest “snap”, be it a 16th note Q or what.

There is a function called Move To Cursor but this moves the first note to the cursor. So it doesn’t help me in this matter.