Snap and event select stopped working properly

I have snap set to bar and turned on

I have snap type set to grid.

I have lots of clips to move around and they dont snap to the grid no matter what I do.

It appears as though the ends of the clips are snapping to the grid on the right side of the clips, but that is not very useful.

How do I get Cubase (8.5) to return to its regular behaviour ( snap beginning of clips grid on the left side of clips).

Also CUBASE suddenly adopted another new behavior that is messing with my workflow. How do I get back to what is normal for me:

The second issue is that if play is engaged then the only clips I can select ( to move or edit or duplicate, etc) is the currently playing clip on the currently highlighted track. I am used to being able to touch and manipulate ANY clip at any time. How do I return Cubase to what I am used to in this case.