Snap behaviour


I’ve posted a while back on the Cubase 6 forum a feature request for non-latching snap, which would behave in a way similar to Final Cut Pro. This would allow toggling snap on or off after starting a mouse-drag operation and while the mouse button is pressed. Currently, if you start a drag operation and realize the snap behaviour isn’t what you want, you have to let go of the mouse, undo, toggle snap and start over.

Apparently, in Cubase 8, this has been implemented when dragging files into the project window. I’ve tried this with both a video track and an audio track. Grab a file from the Finder, drag it into a track without letting go of the mouse button, and while positioning it you can toggle snap with the usual shortcut (J by default). Very handy.

I can find no obvious reason why this feature was implemented only for adding parts from the Finder and not for regular drag operations in the Project window.

Any chance this could be addressed in the coming updates?