Snap/Crackle/Pop on playback

When I load a project and try to play it back I encounter crackles and pops and silence.
This happened after a long session during which this problem did not exist. but it has persisted since.

The project consisted of four audio tracks with effects on them but even playing a single track now with the effects turned off is not possible.

Looking for solutions I saw a suggestion to change the scrub rate which i did (i think), to no use.
I also tried saving to a new folder and deleting unused files. as well as emptying the trash.

I am using Cubase LE 4 on a Dell Laptop with Intel dual core 1.8Ghz and 2 Gb of Ram. Windows 7, 32 bit.

please help.

Snap/Crackle/Pop-syndrome is in 99% of cases caused by your audio interface (or it’s driver). Most often too low ASIO buffer setting. So, to help you it’s essential to know what audio interface are you using, which driver have you selected to use in Cubase and what is your ASIO buffer setting.

When I get a “sudden” snap/crackle/pop (meaning there was no noise in the project at the current buffer setting, then, suddenly, there is), I always try reloading the project first. I get sudden crackle occasionally following different actions such as switching VST instruments, patches, effects, etc. Sometimes for no apparent reason at all (system activity?). But, almost always, saving my work and then closing and re-opening the project fixes it. Of course, sometimes, there is just too much demand on the processor and the only choice is to raise the buffer size.

Definitely! And rebooting the PC might also help.

I had this happening to me too. I closed out the whole program sometimes and that made it stop, but usually if I just deleted my last recording it would stop the snap/crackle/pop stuff.