"Snap Divisi Unison Labels to Notes" not working

Hi all,

I’m working on a file that started in 4.0 and has made its way up to 5.1. I’m reworking divisi with the new features, and I’ve noticed that the “snap divisi unison labels to notes” function is not working. I’ve toggled the setting in Layout Options (and yes, I have the correct layout selected). Anyone else experiencing this? Any chance I’m missing something? As far as I’m aware, it should just be the one toggle in Layout Options, right?

EDIT: Condensing for section players is turned on

That’s the thing. You have condensing on, which means that those previously ”divisi” markings have now become “condensing” markings. I realize it sounds a little silly and perhaps even confusing, but right now, “snap to notes” only works for divisi when condensing is not on (i.e. in parts for example). I’m sure they will find a way to eventually spread that new property to condensing labels as well.

I must have missed it if that limitation was mentioned somewhere. Makes sense since divisi and condensing marking are separate objects, but I do hope this feature can be added soon. I was excited to be able to use this in full score layouts. As always, I’m sure our wonderful Dorico team will get to it when they can!