Snap END of midi note to grid?

Hey folks,

Any way to grab the end of a midi note (whose start point is NOT on the grid) and have it (the end of the note) snap to the grid?

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I fear it’s not normally possible.

Perhaps a macro or logical editor thang?

I also inquired about this here:

Urgh…this is so basic, why isn’t there a simple modifier like ctrl + drag snaps it to the grid instead of to the grid + offset?

I need to do this all the time, any way to kludge this via the logical editor?

I totally agree with you. One should be able to simply drag the ends and have them snap to the grid.
There is a command that let’s you snap the selected midi ends to the grid (Quantize MIDI Events Ends) that should help out.

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Ok, thanks, that’s a pretty decent workaround.

I’m new to Cubase coming from Pro Tools and this was immediately one of my pet peeves. Dragging the ends of MIDI notes and having them snap to the grid was something I did all the time in PT. In Cubase having to go to functions and then select quantize event ends just is not acceptable to me. I’m probably going to end up creating a macro but it should just be default behavior when I drag note ends with snap on.

This worked for me all the time in 8.5, but now that I’ve upgraded to 9.5, snap now sucks. Here’s a video I just made showing how it works fine in 8.5 but doesn’t in 9. Really? This is an upgrade? I use snap all the time. Or at least I did. How is this possible?

Oops. I guess a 3 meg MP4 is forbidden. Anyway, it shows perfect snap in 8.5 and sloppy snap in 9. Am I the only one with this problem?

Are you talking about the note ends snapping, or just snapping in general? (this thread is about the note ends, so start a new topic if its not.)

This works the same in 9.5 as in 8.5.

Note ends snap according to the Length Quantize setting, and it is relative to the note’s start position. So, for example, with Length set to 1/8, as you drag the end of the note it will snap at each increment of of an 8th note, as calculated from the note’s start position.

Of course, you can post your video elsewhere and make link to it here.

I, too, came from Pro Tools and miss this simple feature every single day. Very much needed in Cubase. I would put in a feature request if I were you!

Late to the party replying, but only discovered this yesterday which MAY be the solution… I did NOT have the Nudge Palette turned on in the Toolbar (right-click the Toolbar and select it from the drop-down list). When I made that visible, snap is back. With a vengeance I might add (but I won’t because it sounds dumb).

Does that help anyone who is having snap issues??

I just get the note close to where it should be and press ‘Q’ to quantize it to the nearest note editor grid line. Then as Evertone wrote you can use ‘Quantize MIDI Events Ends’ to snap the end of the note if desired.

Please fix this Steinberg, I don’t think this is normal behavior.

this didn’t work for me

I can’t believe this is a thing. Every other daw does this automatically