Snap follows zoom, please!

Why is there no snap to grid in Cubase? All other DAW can do it except Cubase. I always have to change the quantize settings to have proper snapping. It’s such a waste of time. Did you guys never wonder why arranging events is so much quicker and relaxing in other DAWs? Don’t tell me there is a snap to grid option, I’m talking about snapping that relates to the visible grid.

If you mean bars and beats, it is there. Did you look at page 85 in the manual?

I mean a snapping to the visible grid, which changes relative to zoom value.

I think I see. So if your quantize is set to 1/16 but you zoom out to where the grid only shows 1/4, then you want it to snap to the nearest 1/4?

That’s right. I have to change the bars and quantize settings all the time to place an event easily and correctly.
If you zoom out you see the bars where you want to place the event. If your quantize settins are at 1/16 or 1/32 you have to change this or you have to turn on bar mode. If you zoom in, these settings are not usefull. So you have to turn off bar mode and change the quantize settings back to 1/16, even though you can see the 1/16 grid.
Think about it. How many more clicks will you have done at the end of a project?

Yes, adaptive snap value would be great, missing that from some other daw´s.