Snap grid button of audio editor disabled after recording

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1. Summary/Title
snap grid button of audio editor disabled after recording

2. Description
Reproduction not fully known.
Sporadically but not really rare, after multiple (i think i did not observed it with only 1 recording) recordings in a track with some gaps in the timeline, the snap grid button of the audio editor is disabled when opening of any of the recordings.
The only workaround found to enable it was to close the app via the ipad os means and re-open it.
Switching to home screen was not sufficient.

Why doing multiple recordings in a single track? Only separate recordings are separately editable in the wave editor, this is not possible by splitting afterwards. And track duplication is more effort if effects settings are changed later and not needed for a non overlapping timeline.

3. Expected Results
snap grid button stays enabled

4. Actual Results
disabled snap grid button

5. Environment
iPad 7th gen, Cubasis v3.3.1 , LE with full feature set

Hi @111378,

Thanks for another report.

Do you have an exact repro or a clip that shows the steps and visualizes the problem?


well the disabled snap grid button looks not different but did not react on any touch and only complete app closing fixes it, which means the track or wave editor seems to have lost the tempo information completely.
In the 2 or 3 cases where i observed it i recorded something on an audio track, recorded 2 or more takes on the same track, but later in the timeline.
Nothing else was changed. When opening the wave editor of one of the recorded takes, the snap grid is disabled and set to “free mode” which is basically useless to trim takes exactly.

Hi @111378,

Thanks for your message.

To allow our engineers to evaluate the problem, an exact repro would be required.
Here, it would be of great help if you could share the requested additional information via sharing a short clip that visualizes the problem, or an exact step description (alongside with sharing your project which shows the problem).

Thanks in advance
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it is probably rare. It does not re-occur after said app restart in the same project otherwise the app restart would probably not solve it anyway. I can’t say what exactly lead to the issue therefore. As a user i can’t disable the button as far as i know, which means, that something in the software must disable it for an unknown reason.

it occurred again i made a screen shot this time. I changed latency buffers between recording in this project, but didn’t in previous cases, likely unrelated. As before only complete close of app and restart fixed it

Issue is still there in 3.4.3
It happens most often if one records multiple takes on the same track. It is not always happening, but if an complete app restart is required to fix the disabled button again.
Not super important, but an obvious issue still, because for which reason the button should be disabled in any case? If there is audio and a tempo set, then the audio can be divided by bars, 1/2, 1/4. I can’t see a reason to disable it unless there is some error happening in the software which leads to the button disabling.

Hi @111378,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately a reproducible case would be required to have our engineers evaluating the problem.

Do you think you’re able to provide us with a clip that shows the exact steps leading to the problem?

Thanks again
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