Snap Input Note Length tied to Grid Size.

The length of notes I input using the Step Input feature in the Key Editor is always linked to the current grid size - it has nothing to do with the Length Quantize value as stated in the manual. I’ve tried zooming in and out extensively in the Key Editor and each time I insert a note using my keyboard it’s length is always exactly the width of the current grid (so if I disable Snap, and create a note starting in between 2 grid lines, the note extends that far into the next 2 grid lines).

Can anyone tell me if there’s a setting that I’m missing that’s causing this behaviour?



Did you setup own Length Quantize? Or do you have the default setup: Quantize Link?

I found out what the problem was:

When performing Step Input, the Key Editor’s Snap toolbar determines the length of notes that will be inserted. If it’s set to Use Quantize, it will take the note length from the Quantize Length value, whereas if it’s set to Adapt to Zoom, it will be fixed to the current size of the visible grid. Mine was set to Adapt to Zoom.