Snap on/off missing

In Cubase Pro 10 ‘Snap on/off’ tool is missing when ‘Show all’ is selected in the tool bar.

Any suggestions?



Are you sure your screen is big enough to show all buttons available?


24 inch screen is not big enough for Cubase?



It depends, how many pixels does your screen have. Could you please attach a screenshot?

Make a short cut key… I prefer 0, as I use the standard numbers as different quantise. With 3 been triplets tog. 5 been dotted.


By default the Snap On/Off is J Key Command. Myself I’m using the Ctrl/Cmd modifier if I need to switch the Grid Off temporarily, which works the best to my workflow.

But I agree it’s nice to have a visual feedback, if the Snap is On or Off on the button.

My display is Dell U2417H.

Normally I also use ‘J’ for snap on/off. But you see ‘Snap Type’, ‘Grid Type’ all are absent when ‘Show All’ is applied.


There is simply not enough room on your toolbar, so rearrange the tools.

I apologise for my ignorance.
What is meant by ‘enough room’… Whether a 24 inch display is not enough to provide ‘enough room’ ?
Do you mean to reset the toolbar?
If yes then - I am used to do it frequently.
If no then please guide me how to rearrange the tools.


Please, read the manual for this basic stuff. Project Window Toolbar


There is not enough pixels to show all available tools at one line. Therefore you have to enable just the tools you are really using.

Then what is the required pixels to show all available tools at one line?
Whether is it the limitation of my display monitor or my graphics card?
If so then what configuration of a display / graphics card will satisfy the requirement of Cubase to show its all tools?

My present display is Dell U2417H (24inch, 1920 X 1080 at 60Hz., Aspect ratio 16:09, Pixel pitch 0.2745 mm, Contrast ratio 1000:01:00, 16.7 million colors) and Graphics Card is Radeon 530 & Intel UHD 620.


1920 x 1080 is quite low today when there are HiDPI 4K and 5K screens with 3000+ pixels.

Sorry, I don’t how many pixels do you need to see all tools. I don’t think it makes sense to see them all.

But even in Cubase 9.5.41 there was no issues like that.


If you reorder the tools in the Tool bar, you can see the Snap again.

Yes, that I do.
Thanks a lot you all.