snap per track.


i work on a serie of 12 docs. music track, sound track, narrator and markers. there’s not much but as i need to mix this i need to update the markers following the narrator… loooots of markers.
i would like to be able to set the snap on/off and type of snap to different tracks so that markers are always snap = on and Events.
so there’s a “global” snap type and on/off like what’s in place. but then per track you’r able to lock to a proper setting independent from the global setting. so i would “lock” the marker track to On, Events.
you could have : settings like : follow main snap (by default) ; Never On (this track is always off for any snap) ; Never off (always active) ; specific snap type etc…
oh… and of course be able to select all tracks and select one setting for all selected tracks at once not to get trap in a situation where you waste more time setting all tracks independently like it happens for the time base :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 … great idea!!