Snap Points... PLEASE help me eradicate

Well at any rate, I think I have enough of us here who hate snap points to create a case for Steinberg. I’m going to go ahead and start a thread over at the new feature request section! Chime in if you want to see it done!!

OK I’ve added my support there, but I’ve added that, instead of disabling the Snap Points globally (or in addition to that), I would prefer a way to edit them in the Project window Info Line. Actually, a Snap field do exists in the Info Line, but when you edit it, it moves the events in addition of moving the Snap Points. A different Snap field behavior, or more flexible behavior (i.e. moving only the snap points of the selected tracks/events in the Info Line through a modifier key) would be enough for me.


Thanks you guys! I’m just bumping this for visibility sake. :slight_smile:

Anyone else who wants to chime in, the post is up in the Feature Request section!

Happening in Nuendo 7 too. I want snap points to be automatically at the beginning of events by default too. When I record audio, it automatically places snap points at the nearest grid size. Any way to turn that behavior off? Even when my grid size is 1 sample, it still places the snap point 1 sample after the event start. No other solution other than macros?

I’m STILL befuddled, not only as to the point of these things, but how to get them from messing even positions up. I just wish I could turn them OFF somehow - no other DAW has them to my knowledge.

I wish I could help ya, but no, that I know of no other solution exists. Amazingly.