Snap Points... PLEASE help me eradicate

These things have been a thorn in my side since SX1.

PLEASE tell me if there’s yet a way to ERADICATE, from the entire project… SNAP POINTS. Whenever I try to cut and paste a LARGE set of events on a single track to a new track, these things reak utter havoc and rearrange everything according to their imaginations.

I still don’t even know what the point is to these things. STILL after 10+ years. Except to make it so I have to make a quick command to get them out of my way event by event.

Is there a way to ERASE these things from ALL PROJECT EVENTS? And please for the LOVE OF GOD, if there isn’t, CAN WE IMPLEMENT THAT??!

Now, for the time being, I already know how to get them out of (or more accurately, to the beginning of) a given event, so no need to tell me how to do that. But what if there’s THOUSANDS in a project? I just want them all gone. Forever.




Do you mean Hit Points?

I’m pretty sure he means Snap Points (see pic)

If anyone knows how to ditch these (or automatically move them to the left-most end of the event without having to manually click and drag each one), I would love to know as well!


I see.

In Preferences > Record > Audio, set Audio Pre-Record Seconds to 0.000. Then the Snap Point will be always at the beginning of the audio event, because there is no Pre-record time. If you want to put it exactly at the beginning of the first hit, you always have to do this manually.

Yes you got it. No, i DEFINITELY mean SNAP POINTS. Hit points actually have a function, that I use all the time in fact. No, I like those. those don’t go out of their way to make your tasks difficult :smiley:

Martin, thanks for your quick reply. I will give this a try.

From your post however, I gather there’s no actual way to simply SHUT THEM OFF? I’m just double checking. Because if not, I’m going to start hounding the Steinberg people to make this an option.

And if they don’t implement this, I’m going to travel to Germany, hang out in the corporate offices, and then each time someone tries to do something productive, I’m going to physically STAND IN THE WAY, wearing a tee shirt that says “SNAP POINT” on it.


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FYI dude - there’s actually a command to bring the snap point to the position of the cursor. so what I do, is make a key command for this (mine is shift+s since i USE THIS FUCTION EVERY DAMN DAY) and then select the event, hit “L”, and then my Shift+S. and do this for every event.

Since there’s no global way to do it.

And that’s the other thing, I’m not looking to simply bring them to the beginning of the event, i just want them GONE. As they literally don’t serve any function for us mixing engineers who are FORCED to deal with them.

Actually they do serve a function, just not one that you personally need/use. Occasionally I find this feature useful. For example if I want to quantise some drum samples and I might want a snare sound to be quantised a little bit ahead of the grid, I will adjust the snap point.

I agree though… it would be nice to have a key command that would bring the snap point to the beginning of a clip (or multiple selection of clips).

They can be a real pain in the backside.

Great if you find them useful ‘on occasion’, then keep them, BUT, my vote would be that by default they should ALWAYS line up with the beginning of the part - snap to quantise/grid enabled or not.

Or ok…, as the OP wants, an ability to shut them off completely… or a frikkin’ key command thing… I’ll go with either… :slight_smile:

(AND, for those who do want/use them, move that giant box of an ‘S’ they display with in the Sample Editor, to top or bottom of the window. I’ve seen others complain that where they are currently in the middle, right on the zero line, actually hides the beginning of the sample.! You can’t edit there…!).

Wouldn’t Macro helps to you?

  • Select the event (manually).
  • Transport > Locate Selection
  • Audio > Snap Point to Cursor

This would put the Snap Point to the beginning of currently selected Audio event.

theyve been around for a LOOONNGGG time…i remember seeing them back as far as SX1. well over 10 years ago.

ive always just ignored them. occasionally they just get in the way and i fumble around with them but they dont bother me too much.

however it would be a GREAT feature to be able to just turn them off, say in preferences.


I can’t imagine why, but that didn’t work. At last, I figured out an actual working macro (for me: I hope it works also for others), that is:

  • Transport -> Locate Next Event
  • Edit -> Select Events under Cursor
  • Transport -> Locate Selection Start
  • Audio -> Snap Point to Cursor

Macro instructions: Select a track (better deselect any events in the project) , put the cursor at the beginning of the project and repeatedly hit the Key Command assigned to the macro (I chose Alt+Shift+s).

In theory, the first and the last macro commands would be enough, but again that didn’t work (and again I can’t figure out why).

Of course, the macro is just a workaround, but it’s better than nothing.



In fact this is the same Macro, I did. The only one difference is, I’m selecting the event manually (the very 1st step), and you are selecting it automatically by two steps. Which I find risky, because you don’t know, what is next event, but you know, which event you selected by your own.

Btw: Select Event under Cursor is global preference, I would say. So you shoul switch it Off as a last step, to get the same settings, as before.

Yes of course, I understand your needs, but I (and maybe others too) really needed to find a quick way to put the Snap Points of ALL the events on a track at the events’ beginning.

And BTW thanks for the global preference thing: I will check that.



With your Macro, you also have to do it one by one, right?

Yes of course. The advantage in my case is that I just hit the macro key command repeatedly and fast (Alt-Shift-s-s-s-s-s-…), until I reach the last event on the part. When you have let’s say 100 events on a track, that’s quite time saving.


I have checked “Auto Select events Under Cursor” (found in Preferences -> Edit; replicated on the Edit menu): it isn’t affected by the macro, i.e. after using the macro its state (on or off) remains the same as before.
Checked on Cubase Pro 8.5.


OK, good to know. :wink:

Yes, like I said previously, this would be great, BUT, why do we need a macro for something that should be as easy as toggle on and off.

We can toggle hitpoints on and off, and those are FAR MORE USEFUL.

Ditto brother. I remember the day I found out how to move them to the beginning of the event. I think I threw a party that very weekend.