Snap points to END of event?

Say i have a reverse sample i want to drop in as a build to drum hit for ex…

how do i snap the point to the END of the sample i’ve imported…its default set to snap at the beginning of all audio events.

Im aware that i can snap the point to cursor but this still waists time zooming in and finding the end of the wave and the exact point i want to use.

Any way to simply change the snap point default from beginning of the event to the end of the event??

thanks for your help!! :slight_smile:

open the audio file and drag the snap point; line with an ‘s’ in the middle, to where you would the point the want the audio to snap with.

dont know of a quicker way, as the default snap is at the beginning of any audio file…

hope this helps.

its annoying to snap in end of event cuz you have to zoom full out all the way…!! i posted in issues section but its not fixed yet!!
i tried making a macro to snap to end of event but didnt figured how to do it…

It’s a pretty simple macro…just add these 2 commands.

Transport - Locate Selection End
Audio - Snap Point to Cursor

thanks… :sunglasses:
i was searching for “cursor” in the search box in key commands and didnt find function to place the cursor to end of event… :nerd: (thanks god im not a programmer :smiley: )

Somehow this isnt working for me!! :neutral_face:

by doing this, im assuming it will automatically snap the end of the even to wherever the cursor is, correct?

yup… cant get this to work! gah

help please!

by doing this, im assuming it will automatically snap the end of the even to wherever the cursor is, correct?

No. It moves the snap point (& cursor) to the end of the event.
i.e…It does exactly what the thread title says.

yup… cant get this to work! gah
help please!

Happy to help but give me something to go on…have you created the macro and assigned a key command ok?
Is anything at all happening if you highlight an event and hit the kc?

yes i made a kc exactly stated… but neither the cursor or snap point moves. all i get is the “mac beep”

works for me here on a PC…
i made the Macro,assigned a key command to it… thats it !
just a dumb question ,but did u select the audio event that you want to snap ? :unamused:
{the macro moves the cursor to selected event’s end and then moves the snap point where the cursor is now(end of the selected audio event) }

ok… so i reset everything and tried again…

but it wont locate the end of the event, it’ll only snap point to the cursor.

still trying…

maybe upload a picture of the macro to check if its correct

It sounds like you have set the KC to the command and not to the Macro…do you know how this is done…it’s not super obvious the first time.

Actually i figured it out!! :smiley:

But its a bit buggy somehow… not working all the time. Maybe a restart will help.

A combination of selecting the event as well as the track gets it to work… but not consistently.

Some progress though !!

You must select the event…selecting the track or any other track shouldn’t make any difference as long as the event you want to process is selected.

Yea…even after selecting the event it seems to work intermittenly.

Thanks though for all of your help!!

Hi there,
I use that topic for another little question.
I don’t get why sometimes the snap point of some clips I work with gets set to the end of the event, appears to happen quite randomly.
It’s very nice to be able to set the snap point where you want in a clip, but as the manual says “by default the snap point is set at the start of an event”…
Does anyone know why it would randomly be set at the end instead ? … it’s quite time consuming to have to reset it to the beginning when it happens.


Are you talking about Audio clips. ?

This is My new favourite Macro… Just what I needed. Shame when we change the BPM, cubase locks the front of the part to the grid, instead of the Snap Point.

It’s a pretty simple macro