Snap Points - total elimination?

Hi -

Trying to see if there’s a way to GET RID OF THESE RIDICULOUS NUISANCES project-wide? I know I can simply select a region and bring the snap point to the beginning of it, but is there a way to select ALL and just get rid of them? Or, better yet, is there a way to SHUT THEM OFF completely!??

And if there isn’t, can I please request this for the next update? :slight_smile: haha


*bumpity bump :slight_smile:

The snap point is by default at the very beginning of any event…and while they are at the start of the event they are as good as not there.

So the question is, if they are such a ridiculous nuisance why have you been moving them around? :wink:

They exist in all events… typically defaulting at the beginning. Yes, we do need a way to automatically “move all snap points in selected events to the beginning of the respective event”… see this thread: