Snap Points - what's a quick way to set several at once?

I’ve got several lanes of takes where somehow the snap points have managed to drift away from the clip start (probably something to do with the tempo map). What I want to do is select the offending events and move the Snap Points in each to the start of the event.

Changing the Snap value in the Project Info bar just snaps the events to that position.
Snap Point To Cursor doesn’t seem to be designed for this job. At any rate, it doesn’t work. (And now it’s disappeared!)

Any ideas?


I don’t know a way to set the snap point to the event start for multiple events, unless they start at the same time.

Doesn’t Locate Selection, Snap Point to Cursor do it for individual events (It’s in the Key Commands)?

I didn’t try it for individual events - got carried away recording so there’s rather a lot of them! Can’t try it right now as unfortunately the command seems to have momentarily disappeared. But really it’s a bulk conversion I’m after. This situation seems to happen quite a lot.

They do all start at the same time! What’s your way?

I selected all the events in the lanes, did Locate Selection, and then Snap Point to Cursor. It’s not in the audio menu, but it is in the Key Commands.

Yep, that’s what I do. I’ve set a key command for it. But I do find the snap points move around unintelligently when I cut things up, I think it worked better in an old version, perhaps Steinberg will revisit one day?


Ok, dunno what’s going on here but it seems to be working now… Cheers, guys.

PS: I think it’s that you need to cursor within the part if you want to to show. I must have been fractionally off, L key first seems to be the thing to make sure. I’ve also noticed that if one of the selected events starts after the cursor then the Snap Point stays where it is, rather than defaulting to 0 (which is a shame).

Thanks again for your pointers.


[Edit: glad to hear, btw, that I’m not the only one noticing Snap Points going walkabout]