Snap to bars?


I have set the rulers to bars and beats, but I see no way to make WL snap to bars, or beats.

What am I doing wrong?

BTW I did read the wiki, also I googled, but after a while I realized Google constantly replaced the word Wavelab by Cubase.

Kind regards

You have to select this feature.
Edit tab > Snapping section > Magnets menu > Time Ruler Marks option.
Make sure that the Snap to Magnets option is selected.
This both works for the Audio Montage and for the Audio Editor.

See also:

Thanks. Unfortunately, I have Snap to Magnet and Time Ruler Marks activated, and it does not snap.

I mean, I click somewhere on the ruler or the wave view, so that the cursor position changes to there. And it does just place it to exactly where I have clicked.

I have clicked a lot of times now, it does it pixel perfect where I click, never falls back or forth to any marker at all.
Same with dragging any wave clip from one position to another.
I guess I don’t understand the concept behind the whole thing.

Is Time Ruler Mark really any bar or beat position there is, or does this term refer to markings which I have to create myself first?

First of all, time snapping works on the bigger time marks. This means you may need to zoom as needed.

Secondly, if you want to snap the edit cursor, then simply clicking is not enough (by design).
There are 2 possibilities:

  • Click and drag on the lower part of the time ruler, until you snap
  • Press shift and click on the edit cursor in the audio area, then drag, until you snap.


Thanks, this works! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately… How do I say this, why is gluing clips that difficult?

I did what you told someone to do for gluing in 2016.

This works, but this action cannot be repeated. Super clips cannot be glued, WL will tell me with a message box that one of the clips is already a super clip.

Clips are not simply a bunch of sample data points in memory that I could really glue? I think I was expecting behavior that Reaper offers. I mean, so that the program, no matter what the clips do represent, makes out of it what looks like it is possible to do. I guess, even if clips are references to files or whatever, gluing looks like it would be possible, in theory.

The second option for a super clip that WL offers, external clip, crashed to desktop when I hit the apply button or whatever it is called.

Well, it is what it is.

Tried it again with different files, not write protected ones this time, the folder is also not write protected this time, completely new montage. I copied the Windows logoff sound .wav file to the Desktop folder and used this to start experimenting with clips.

The second super clip option, which offers to create an external audio montage, crashes. The Wavelab application window just disappears. In Wavelab Pro 10.0.40 (build 127).

Did you consider the recent Bounce feature?

When I try bounce WL tells me I have only one clip selected.

I know about 5 ways to try to select more than one clip and fail. Must be some special function, can you help me there too? Sorry.

One of the easiest way to select multiple clips, is to maintain (Control + Shift) and point and drag.
(Command + Shift on Mac)

I almost couldn’t believe it, but this works. Thanks a lot.