Snap to grid issues

Hi all,

My studio partner and I have just changed back to Cubase after a long time away and it’s probably something we are doing but we cant for the life of us figure out how ‘Snap’ works…

I know that sounds dumb, but we are both experiencing the same issues, as follows:

Snap is on. The timebar is set to Bars and Beats Quantise is set to 1/4 notes and grid type is Bar.

In my mind, this should EASILY snap a block to a bar… But it’s like snap isn’t turned on at all, it simply will NOT snap to the bar!! Everywhere but the bar! Like theres another grid underneath and its snapping to that!

Anyone else had this problem and solved it with a facepalm, or similar?

What are we doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Is this happening with a MIDI Part, an Audio Part or an Audio Event (i.e. an audio clip that is not enclosed within an audio part)?
If it is the latter, then I can merely guess that the audio event’s Snap point (the dotted vertical line with an “S” on it) is elsewhere than at the start of the event, and that it is snapping that point to the grid rather than the start of the event to the grid.
If that wasn’t it, then I’m afraid I’m stuck, at the moment :wink:.

Check the “snap type” settings. You may have it set to something other that grid. The “Snap Type” button is just to the button where you turn the snap on/off (in the Cubase top toolbar). The button looks something like a tic-tac-toe grid.

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  • what Prock said :wink:

Snapping working as usual for me. Sometimes if the zoom is too wide and the snapping is even one one measure, it appears that the snapping is not working, but when I zoom in, then I see it is. Same for small note values. If I’m working in 16T and zoomed out, it can appear the snap is not working, but when I zoom in, I see that it is. In short, no problems with snapping or snap types in Version Nine, here. Good luck.

Prock - Nail head, squarely struck!!

Snap Type was set to events!!

We are both experienced users and we knew there would be a facepalm moment in this for us and indeed there was.

That will teach us for being away from Cubase for years huh? :slight_smile:

Thanks, more facepalms to come no doubt!

Art and Ade

Hello, i would like to ask do we have same snap procedures on the automation track? It seems no matter what value i set on the quantize it wont stick. It behaves like snap off.
Snap “on”
Snap type “grid”
Grid type use “quantize”