Snap to Grid not working... Hub empty.. is my software just dying?

  1. My HUB does not show recent projects. If i click on FILE/RECENT (mac), all my files are there but are grayed out. if i exit the HUB, and click on FILE/OPEN RECENT, the files are all there.

  2. My snap to grid also started to not work. I use Grid Relative and i can drag regions between the grid lines.


Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

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hi martin.
OK !
I went into the START MODE, and chose RESET TO FACTORY SETTINGS and now my HUB is showing me my recents…
and when i move a section (with SNAP TO GRID/ GRID RELATIVE), it now moves to the correct position on the project window.
So you have saved the day for me… Well, today anyway… With cubase, it will still work tomorrow.
(if there is anything else you want me to do, let me know)
i am unable to get into the forums from the support page. When i click on FORUMS, it doesn’t load…it gets stuck on the SUPPORT PAGE…
I got into this reply using the EMAIL i received with your response


Most probably, it won’t work tomorrow, if you just disabled the preferences. Once you start Cubase again with the original preferences, the issue will be back.

Therefore you have to Delete the preferences from the Safe Start Mode dialog.

sorry, i just looked and that’s what i clicked on… When i was glancing over the options, i zoomed on the ‘factory reset’ phrase, which is , indeed, part of the Delete Preferences option.
so all is good (tested by re-launching)