Snap to hitpoints

I see from the right-hand pane that this overlooked absolute necessity has been requested many times over the years but never implemented. If you want now to be the time, post/vote here!

In the project window? Have you thought this through? I would never activate such a mode as it would make it impossible to line up events due to the overwhelming amount of hitpoints as soon as there are several audio events in that area.

I think the current solution is much better: select the event that contains the relevant hitpoints. Navigate the cursor to the desired hitpoint (is Ctrl/Cmd+B and Ctrl/Cmd+V by default?) and have “snap to cursor” activated. Then drag the other event to the cursor.


Yes, I think you have a point there. I do something similar when trimming but it was becoming a pain. At least next/previous hitpoint is limited to the current track (I think; it seems to be from memory). Well, cheers for chiming in :+1:

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