Snap to Zero Crossing on a stereo clip?

Hi All,

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, please link if so.

I work a lot with stereo clips on stereo tracks. I have recently upgraded from SX2 to Pro 10.5. I would like to cut clips at zero crossing points where both Left and Right channels cross zero together (as per SX2), however the default snap in 10.5 seems to find a zero crossing on either the left or right channel, not both. I have looked for a setting to change, and looked on the web for an answer, with no success. Is there a way to achieve this? It would save me a lot of time and eye-strain.

Note: I am aware of the crossfade function, and the fade in/out functions - these are not what I would prefer to use.



Anyone have any insight on this?


A zero crossing that is the same in the left and right channels? In most stereo audio, that would be quite rare, and thus generally not useful.

Thanks for the reply, Glenn.

It’s not as rare as you think and while ‘generally’ not useful, I personally would like that option (or a workaround to ‘force’ it). As I said in the op, it was default in (at least) SX2 so if anyone has insight into how to achieve this i would be very grateful.