Snap tool not working and transport line out of place

Hi all.

Apologies for not knowing the correct terminology as im not an expert in cubase.

Recently my snap tool has stopped working even though its turned on. Also, the transport line (the line that goes up and down the screen that shows you were you are in the song) has moved upwards on the screen.

The top of the transport line is now level with the drop down menu where you select Quantise settings. The bottom of the line is just floating mid way up the project window where the tracks are.

Im guessing these two things are related. Not being an expert, i dont really know whats happened or how to fix it. Any ideas?

Hi and welcome,

Double-check if “Edit Mode” is disabled, please. Menu Transport > use Video Follows Edit Mode <= Disable it.

Thanks for the reply.

Following the menus I dot seem to see “video follows edit mode” option.