Snapping the end of a note is only "grid relative"

I noticed last night, being a new cubase user, that snapping on the end of the note doesn’t quite work. Would be nice if it did…


Do you mean the same we are discussing here?

Yes, it’s when you are trying to drag the end of the note - it won’t snap to another note, only the grid.

You can use the Length menu to the left of the piano roll for better control over note lengths. Play around with the Scale Legato and Apply Legato controls.

It’s a different, though related question actually, so I moved it to it’s own topic. (then Romantic Tp posted while I typed :open_mouth: :wink: )

The way I understand it is the note positions, (aka start time) snap to all the different snap types. Note ends only snap to the values (of the notes) set in the quantize presets and length quantize menus. I figure It’s by design, since it follows what the documentation says.

That said, there are times it would be useful have note ends snap to events or cursor.

Are you coming from Sonar?

Yes. I was used to it’s snap behavior. Right now, I either disable snap to move the end, or I go in with the trim tool. It’s just an extra step.

Also there’s the command ‘quantize midi event ends’ in the advanced quantize menu.