snare drag roll sample

Greetings, I am wondering if anybody knows if a snare drag roll exists on the default C6 stuff, whether as a sample or as part of a drum set (preferable). My nomenclature may be wrong, but it would sound like a rolled r (like espanol) after a hard k sound right on the downbeat. One would hear this sort of thing in second line/New Orleans type stuff or in reggae on Sly Dunbar type playing (especially on early Culture and Black Uhuru records). I am trying to audition each note of each drum set, but if anybody knows a better way, I would love to get on the music part of this project. I attempted to create a fake drag roll with the pencil tool (i definitely cannot execute this on my MIDI keyboard), but I can’t get it to sound correct.

Thanks and praises in advance to anyone with solid advice on the matter,
Stanky D

Alright. It seemed that my best bet was to try harder to create the sample from scratch, since I couldn’t find one and nobody replied. Since these are archived and I solved the problem, I thought I’d post how I did it.

Change the grid to 64th notes (32nds is what I tried before and won’t sound right). Draw in the desired snare through the beat. Taper the velocities down from the beginning. If it’s too long, kill the ones at the end. I got mine to sound right with about 7 strokes.

This is probably painfully obvious to many. I am quite good at “real” instruments, but am just beginning to be able to get around on these virtual ones. I am excited to learn more, hopefully some of which will be from this forum.

Cheers, Stanky D